Baseboard and vertical surface cleaner, floor wax remover

Product Description

Heavy-Duty Foaming Stripper, Baseboard and Cove Cleaner

High-foaming solvent-based stripper and cleaner. Formulated to remove wax, floor finish, dirt, graffiti, coatings, heel marks, bugs, tar, and other stains. Use on baseboards, coves, walls, floors, signs, doors, kick panels, vehicles, and other vertical surfaces. Designed for manual application, but can be used with floor machines to remove floor finish from baseboards.

Fast-acting, free-rinsing
Stays put on vertical surfaces
Removes several layers in one application
Clinging foam action provides longer contact time
Inverted valve system allows for spraying can upside down
Ideal for those hard-to-reach areas along corners and baseboards
Net Weight: 19 oz.


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