Product Description

Ice Melt Rinse Aid, Undercarriage Wash, and Descaling Cleaner

Touchless, foamable descaling solution. Attacks, neutralizes, and removes salt, dirt, mineral deposits, and rust from steel, aluminum, plastic, galvanized steel, brass, chrome, fiberglass, hard tile, and porcelain surfaces. Neutralizes corrosive film left behind by ice melting salts without harming floors, carpets or sensitive painted or finished surfaces.

Fresh wintergreen scent
Dilutes up to 1:128 with water
Non-corrosive upon dilution with water
Great for mopping entryways to remove corrosive de-icing salts
Great for use as a salt neutralizing solution on the undersides of vehicles
Great for use on agricultural equipment to neutralize and remove corrosive chemicals
Great for use on salt spreaders and other fleet vehicles that must operate when road salts are being used